Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Great 10 Months!!

10 Months Old 19 Oct 2008


Taa..Daa..Happy 10 months old!

 # Fresh news!!  I can ‘climb’ up the sofa by myself!!  I only practice with mummy few days ago and I managed to do on my 10 months old birthday!!  Papa was very impressed! 

Crawling i.e. USING my knee to crawl.  I can crawl very fast until papa said very tired to chase me…hehe..now I am very good in crawling & climb two steps of the staircase…but I still do not know how to come down, still study on it…..

Holding object (normally table or chair), I can stand up without mummy ‘support’!!  Yeah…I feel very excited about this new skill, cos can move bit by bit from one corner to the other….yeahhhhh….

My 7th (lower lateral incisor) – came out two weeks ago (27 Sept)..this round not so itchy but mummy said many times of poo poo, paiseh paiseh….

#  Sleeping pattern got a bit of changes, only 2 times per day…. Cos the playing time now longer, can last about 3 – 4 hours….but at night still the same, playing many times of rollover then only can sleep…normally sleep tight with mummy or on mummy tummy,chest,feel so secured! :-p

NO Changes in spoon feed for formula milk.  But now a bit easier cos mummy always give me toys to play and I can finish it within 10 minutes!!  Mummy said this is major improvement compared with last few month, normally drink until the milk become milk ice.. 

Fantastic month for FOOD!! 

Vege : bayam, potatoes leaves, , lotus root, Holland peas (the peas inside only not the whole thing), 

Bean : French beans, green peas, red beans, tofu (can't have too much of tofu cos poo poo may times! mummy temporary ban this!)

Fruit : Banana, green apple, starfruit (don’t really like it)
New recipe :
red date & 枸子 porridge (Thanks to Auntie Joanne Tiew recipe), sweet corn porridge, pasta (totally don’t like it!! Mummy need to find way to improve on the taste & texture of the food!).
Finally popo made ikan bilis powder for me (popo very clever, can make the ikan bilis ‘jumping’ on the non-stick frying pan without oil, then she ‘tong-tong-tong’ using some tool to make the ikan bilis become powder!) yummy yummy!!
My NEW favorite session….something that papa n mummy headache about cos Ah Kong & Ah Ma, Kong Kong & Popo, my beloved 4 grandparents LOVE to let me play....
Taa Daa….Playing steering wheels….It is so fun playing the steering…VRooom VRoomm…popo Nissan Serena pon pon sound so nice to hear whenever I ‘hit’ the right at the centre of the steering…hehe….
...want to see how I play the steering....remember to see my next posting then :-)


Wonderful Life said...

Happy 10 months old!!

At least he ate the fruits. Not like my Ryan, not even 1 bite on the fruits! Sigh...

MommyAngel said...

Happy 10 month old!!! Soon he will be 1 lah, can't wait ya?? :) He looks like a big boy now :)

I love the first picture, how do you manage to capture such nice picture I wonder :P :P Love it!!!

Julie said...

Why do they like the steering wheel so much? Whenever the car stop, Jonathan will ask to unbuckle from his car seat and quickly climb to the driver seat. Happy and smiling.

Happy 10 months old, Little Prince!

MeRy said...

Happy 10 mths old.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Good that now Kyle can crawl with using his knee.
And you are most welcome about the red dates and wolfberries porridge recipe.