Friday, June 6, 2008

Mummy's Friends

Last weekend, there are two visitors come to my house. One long hair chea chea n one 'dark dark' uncle. Mummy said is Auntie Janice n Uncle Marco. Uncle Marco come all the way from Seremban to see me!!

When I first saw auntie Janice I thought is my Ah Yi, cos she got long hair. But after a while I found that is not Ah Yi, I cry so loud and auntie Janice 'run' far far from me before I start to settle down!! :-)

Dark Dark uncle Marco so excited to see me as he told mummy that I 'bak bak' like michelin baby....I thought michelin is tyre,why uncle said I am tyre....cannot understand the adult.....

Auntie Janice at last got chance to hold me before they go back...... :-)

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kristie said...

hey yugene, kyle is so adorable, anyway nice to know u! :)