Friday, June 27, 2008

My Little Uncle

In the picture, popo holding me and my two little uncle (mummy's cousin) playmate in popo house.....

This is Ivan,Uncle zeze....he's a cool guy, two years old....sometimes if he is not in good mood, he NORMALLY scream non stop.....for about 10 minutes...sometime, one hour...pengsan!@@

But uncle zeze sayang me, everytimes my toys fall down or I 'throw down' he will help me to collect n give it to me....he know where are my toys whenever mummy cannot find it.
Uncle Bryan, four years old, just started to go to kindergarden...he always bully his younger brother, Ivan...sometimes it is fun looking at two of them fighting n scream at each other (that's what mummy said, cos sometimes I smile when they are yelling at each other!)

Uncle Bryan also sayang me a lot, he always sing or give me my favorite toys when I make noise or start crying.....

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