Thursday, June 25, 2009

Down with Fever

The day after Father's Day
Monday, afternoon, started to feel not well, got little fever.
Mama gave medicine
taken 2 times, seems ok
till midnight, little fever become big big fever
mama whole night didnt sleep, keep taking wet handkerchief put on my forehead

Next day, Tuesday
Kong Kong brought me to see Dr. Tee
I started to cry when mama carried me to the hospital lobby
I cried for Kong Kong
Mama said Kong Kong looking for car park, will come later
I still keep asking for Kong Kong

When we reached 2nd floor, doctor clinic, no patient
We straight got into the doctor room, I started to cry again, louder!
Asking for Kong Kong again and louder
Mama carried me to check my weight : 14kg
Doctor take the 'weapon' open my mouth, check my body
Mama almost pengsan! :-)

Doctor gave up
Gave me a little star vitamin C (I dont know what is that but I like STAR!)
I hold it tight n said thank you to doctor (mama ask me said thank u)
I still looking for Kong Kong
Mama then carried me out from clinic to find Kong Kong
Yeah...saw Kong Kong standing near the lift and wait for me!!

Kong Kong carried me!!
Mama paid the bill
Yeah...go home lor!!

Got three medicine : Fever, coughing, antibiotic
PoPo said I good boy
I open mouth big big and had medicine
I said " 吃药“ :-)

Mama still cant sleep well whole night looking after me
I getting better on Wednesday
but still eat n drink little milk milk
I prefer mama nen nen!! :-p


Cynthia said...

ooh... poor boy.. hope you recover soon ya :)

lvynana said...

good boy get well soon.

Merryn said...

sorry for not visiting this blog for some time. i got confuse with the other 'prince' blog! aiks! @_@

Mummy Gwen said...

Hope he get well soon. Mummy take care too.

little prince's mummy said...

Speedy recovery..

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

How is Kyle doing? Hope he is getting better.

I wonder now you still breastfeed him?

MeRy said...

Hope little boy will recover soon!