Saturday, December 19, 2009


19 Dec 2009 (Saturday)

Wow,,,,My birthday!! Papa n Mama decided to hold a small party for me at KFC, Setia Alam!! Yeah!! Its a totally brand new outlet, they just open for three weeks!!

Little background story before the party :
Initially this outlet are not ready to hold a party (my lovely papa n mama want to have it there, so they just walk in and ask when the outlet only opened for 4 days!!), then they refer us to another outlet nearby, 'unfortunately' they are not the outlet that hold the party!!
Then, the manager gave us their HQ number and said that we can actually request the HQ to arrange!~ still got chance!
Mama then called up, they said : its new outlet but if small group, then ok!! GREAT!! Finally we have the party ON!! :-)

Everyone in the family were excited cos they have not had party for long long time!!
Ah Mah even made little muffin cake as goodies (mama forgot to take photo!!)

Mama had invited few friends :
Auntie Nicole - Jessica Jie Jie & Jacelyn
Auntie Yvonne - Ling Sien Jie Jie
Auntie Yean Ning - Qi Hong & Qi Ray
Auntie Rachel - Philip Kor Kor
Auntie Julie - Jonathan Kor Kor
Auntie Joanne - Sarah Jie Jie
Ah Tian Uncle - Ah Ming Kor Kor

And all my family member : Ah Kong, Ah Mah, Shu shu, Ah Ko, Gu Cheong, Wen Wen Jie Jie, Nee-nee, Ah Ru Jie Jie!!
My little Ah Yi also take half day off and all the ways from Cheras to my birthday party!! (she actually took more photo cos I was holding papa camera, that's why not many photo this time!! Will share more photo after little Ah Yi transfer the photo to mama later ya!)

This is one of the photo taken when papa 'managed' to exchange his handphone camera!! hahaha,,, see I busy taking photo when everyone busy playing the balloon!!

KFC party kakak (kakak was coming from KFC HQ to organise the party) brief mama the programme of the party,,,,,
Party started in the morning around 11:30am with playing balloon!!
Kids have chicky meal then the adults have their yummy yummy fried chicken!!
Then we have some games, KFC party kakak giving out so many toys!!

Around 12:30pm, the little chicky maskot coming!! The moment that I HATE most!!
Papa was holding me tight n mama just stand beside me - so mama is between me n the chicky!! HAHAHA - I keep saying : DONT COME SO NEAR to the chicky!!
Singing birthday song n blowing candle time,,,mama n wen wen jie jie help me to blow cos I keep looking at the candle only!!

The party ended around 2pm, I am super happy till do not want to take afternoon nap, mama finally made me sleep around 4pm!! :-)

Pressie for me!!
Thank you to all uncle & auntie for your lovely pressie ya
p/s : update pressie photo later!!


BoeyJoey said...

Oh... Happy Birthday, Little Prince! 2 years old is a fun fun age :-).

Fab party; looks like the chicky is not very welcomed... hee hee

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Kyle!!

He looks so handsome in red. :) Wow..Mummy went thru so much hassle to host the party. Glad to know the party turned out to be a great one. :D

Mummy Ryan said...

Happy Belated Bday to Kyle...^-^

Serene said...

Happy belated birthday to little prince!! My birthdate on the same day too =)

LittleLamb said...

Nice meeting u n other mom bloggers.

Yes, very well organised party n Kyle is really tai kor jai...very yao ying esp with the camera :)

MommyAngel said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you Kyle!! You are so lucky that you have such great mom and dad to give you such nice party :)

Merry Christmas to you and your family dear :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So many nice pressies, lucky boy!

The party was great! I had a lot of fun there:-)

Thanks again for inviting me.

Mummy Moon said...

Happy belated birthday to you !

nicole said...

Thx mummy to invite me to this wonderful bday party, we very enjoy there.

nicole said...

Thx mummy to invite me to this wonderful bday party, we very enjoy there.