Thursday, April 9, 2009

HOliday In PEnang ~ Makan Trip

Yahoooooooo...PEnang, here I come!!!

Day 1 - KL to Penang

Papa n mama so worried that I will be cranky in the car for 4 hours journey cos this is the longest journey. Normally back to popo house in Melaka only 2 hours.

I was quite co-operative sleep for two hours (almost reach Ipoh) in the car, then wake up for lunch (mama feed me in the car with her pre prepared yummy yummy lunch!! I finish all!!

Papa decided not to stop after seeing my 'good' performance in the car.

Mama started to play with me. Beside some new sticker, she also prepare some new toys for me.

About 430pm, we are approaching Penang bridge!!....BUT a bit jam...I started making some noise and want to come out from my car seat (after 4 hours in the car seat, my butt butt also hot lor!! :-p)

5pm...we reach this place, papa n mama 'vacation house' in penang, got very nice swimming pool ya!!

Well, it is 1 Apr - mama birthday.....(mama miss penang food soooo much as 1 1/2 didnt come to penang lor!!)
Papa n mama decided to go Bee Hooi coffee shop in Pulau Tikus for hawker food!!
(I was sleeping in the car cos over excited coming to new place n refuse to take my evening nap... it was raining in the evening then I Zzzzz in the car :-p, luckily the rain stop then we can proceed to have mama favourite food!!!)

This is famous Char Koay Teow - see this uncle is still using char ko to cook!! Yummy Yummy. Mama let me try a bit!! (I try porridge n wantan mee too!)

Mama had many food ->chicken porridge, Wantan mee, popiah and
(Papa n mama really can eat wow!!)

After dinner, we proceed to Gurney Drive. We went to Gurney Plaza to buy some vege for my tomorrow lunch. secret recipe for my favourite session - to sing Happy Birthday Song!!
..Mama, why only one piece not the round round cake huh???!!!
(Papa n mama very full after heavy dinner.....:-))
I can use the fork to dig the cake into my mouth!!! :-)

After that, we went to the Gurney Drive hawker center to buy rojak (I thought my parent full already, they still buy food????!!!!)

Day 2

Mama n me stay at home cos papa is going back to office for meeting (why papa got to work in the mid of holiday huh???).....

Mama brought me to the cafe (near the swimming pool) n have breakfast, n bought lunch too....

Mama let me play water at the swimming pool after my morning nap (will have more picture of this later)

At night, we went out for dinner (again, is raining)
----Banana Leaf Indian Cuisine------Restaurant Passion of Kerala------
at Service Road ( near Burmah Road, behind Northam Hotel).

This shop so interesting, they use banana leaf as the “plate” to put the rice and assortment of vegetables, chicken or fish curry etc. It is also served with Papadum (crispy flatbread made of lentil). This is first time I eat Papadum, so crispy!!)

Day 3

Morning we went to have breakfast : Koay Teow Th'ng (Chinese: 粿条汤) at Lebuh Clarke (from Jalan Hutton, when u see a nasi kandar shop then turn left to Lebuh Clarke, just behind Caltex petrol station)

It is not a shop (cannot understand..), but a small little tiny lorong, we sit at kaki lima to have the meal, no baby chair :-p I met Uncle Agnelo for the first time. My parent busy chatting with him until forgot to take photo.

By the way, the koay teow soup is so yummy yummy, I like the fish ball so much!!

I took a nap in the afternoon...afternoon programme - go to Papa office to visit NC penang Uncle n Auntie!!

They are so cute, so many of them keep calling my name n looking at me (they are study whether I look more like papa or mama)..... :-)

After that, we drop by Auntie Christina's house to visit Jerry KongKong n Molly Popo.
They gave me an Ang Pow (why no CNY also got ang pow?? - Molly Popo said first time see me must give ang pow to me woh...)

Then again, to my favourite place - the Beach!!! Yooray.....
We went to the beach near Paradise Hotel (Mama cannot remember the hotel change name or not?)

But I only play for about 10 mins cos strong wind n heavy rain AGAIN!!!...why always rain in the evening huh!!

For dinner, papa only pack some food from Tesco food court cos too tired....Zzzzzz

Day 4

Morning breakfast at Super Tanker in Taman Lip Sin.
Mama had her usual food there Ak Tui Mee Suah : Vermicilly in stewed duck drumstick with herbs (mama normally change the vernicilly to meehoon). Mummy let me try the soup, nice!
Papa had his favourite char siao bread, fresh from nice...only RM1.20 big big bread. I like it!!) n chee cheon fun!

After that, we went to visit Auntie Audrey n see her new born (actually 4 months old already) baby cute. I keep calling her baby baby.....(again no to ask Auntie Audrey for it!!)

Afternoon....makan again....
This time at New World Park (previously the hawker from Swatau Lane) - Jalan Burmah.
Mama, again makan her favourite curry mee - 2 bowl!! Pengsan!! :-)

There are 2 curry mee stalls, mama prefer the one next to the pie,pizza stalls.
They order the tanghoon (clear noodle) soup for me, yummy yummy!!
And also famous yam cake!!
Papa had his char koay teow again!!

Curry Mee!!

Papa received call from Ah Mah to buy Tau Sar Peah...we go to HIM HEANG....
(So many people!!, que to their kitchen to collect after pay at the counter!!)

Mama said if it is holiday season, better call them up cos Ah Mah didnt get to buy any during the school holiday!!

Him Heang
, 162A Jalan Burma, Tel: 04-228 6129

Well, I manage to 'walk' in the swimming pool before my evening nap.....
(will have another blog on my little swimming session!!)

Night time, rain rain rain...papa decided to go Queensbay Mall...too many people...
At last I have my dinner (mama prepared porridge) in Jusco food court!!

Day 5 - Penang back to KL

Breakfast at So Young Cafe, along Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, Off Lebuhraya Batu Lancang. Papa had famous chicken rice, which known for their oyster sauce chicken rice n chee cheong fun!!

Mama had her usual wantan mee n my porridge...(makan makan n makan...)

Then Bye Bye Penang...

I sleep one hour in the car n play 3 hours in the award me n mama, papa stop at Sg. Buloh, the Jejantas rest area to have famous Satay Kajang Haji Samuri!! (see..before reach home, they makan again!! :-))


MeRy said...

Nice Penang trip....alot of nice foods too. I miss the Penang Laksa n Char kue tiaw.

LittleLamb said...

supercute in the bumble bee swiming suit.. n look at his hands.... wanna bite..

Kristie said...

wow so yummy all the food! kyle is so cute in all the photos :)

Julie said...

I love holiday Penang too. For the past 3 years, I spent my birthday in Penang as well. A good getaway.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Stayed so many days at Penang, so nice. Was it a planned holiday to celebrate your birthday? Oh ya, happy belated birthday to you.

Woww...Kyle can sleep for 2 hours in the car. How he managed to do that.

eugene said...

cool, i love blogs about family, and am glad to discover one here,,, your son is Kyle, nice name..

hope to hear from you too

little prince's mummy said...

Such a lovely trip!

the little prince said...

Mery, you miss pg food, then plan a penang trip la! :-)

Rachel, so sexy yeah the little bee suit! hahaha!!

Kris, thanks!!

Julie, thanks for giving me the idea, should ask mu hubby to do that every year!! :-p

Joanne, is a plan holiday as I got to convince Kyle's papa that he can survive for the 4 hours journey!!..He play inside the car with the spare 'new weapon' from me i.e. new toys, I sing song n play with him...tiring lor!! :-p

Eugene, thanks for drop by..will visit yours soon!

PeiWun, thanks!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am very impressed that Kyle can be so guai in the car for so long...

Mommy, "sin ku ni le".