Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy weeks

Busy week....not me but busy for mama!!

Last week, back to visit popo
Ah yi told mama that the modem a bit 'dizzy'..sometime blink sometime not...
Mama test it for two days...totally cannot use!!
Then borrow one modem from a friend to test it out
True enough the old modem cannot use - certified!!
---->>>>>Guess what----->
House phone line suddenly NO SOUND
Suspect phone set got problem
Use another phone set to test, no sound too!!!
Must be the phone line
Call TM, pretty effective
Problem fixed

While busy with the modem n the telephone line
Mama, me n popo were busy shopping
Popo was going to Taiwan for 7 days (departed last Saturday)
The day before departure, popo then got diarrhea...
Dizzy...dizzy...n dizzy....
I saw she very tired sleeping on the lazy chair
Doctor gave some medicine, she felt better...start to think whether to go or not to go
Finally, around 5pm..she getting better...can drive car....
Then pack n go.

Weekend, papa help mama to take care of me
Mama started to prepare...prepare what...
Cos mama promise popo to take care two little uncle
(popo is babysitting Uncle Bryan - 5 years old n Uncle Ivan - 3 years old)
Busy day started
Start from Monday - mama got to wake up at 630am..cos great uncle is coming at 7am
Why so early cos great uncle are got to be early!
Laundry, sweeping n cleaning
Then 8am got to prepare uncle Bryan to kindergarden
Kong Kong is the one fetch him, if not mama going to pengsan!! :-)
Then me wake usual...busy prepare me for breakfast n pong pong!!
Not forget to prepare Uncle Ivan milk milk n pong pong too!!
Now what...
Prepare lunch for all of us....including Ah Yi lunch
Luckily do not need to bath Baby ler ler, Ah Yi can settle, if not mama going to pengsan too!! :-)
Lunch ready...mama feeding me n Uncle Ivan
Then help to take care baby ler ler so that Ah Yi can have her lunch
Uncle Bryan is back from school around 1230pm (the school teacher send him back)
then prepare him for lunch
...........Around 2pm....great auntie coming to fetch them.......
(They normally stay until 6pm...great auntie worried mama cannot manage to cook dinner n feed them...'phew'..)
Mama finally can rest with me (my nap time)
(Before that , mama start to prepare dinner before my nap time)
Around 5pm, prepare dinner
Ah Yi n me will then have dinner 1st
After dinner, my pong pong time
then my play time
Mama n kong kong will have dinner around 8pm
then my milk milk time before sleeping
After I sleep, mama got to clean up the house!!

---->> Thanks to Ah Yi helping mama while Baby Ler Ler sleeping<<-------
(Cos I a bit sticky to mama, so Ah Yi always play with me while mama preparing meal!)

*phew*....actually all this done by popo everyday except weekend!! She is really superwoman ya!! :-)

p/s : the second day after popo departure to Taiwan, there was earthquake happen in HuaLian!! We just managed to call popo after 4 days!! 'phew'!!


BoeyJoey said...

Wah... your mama is really busy, ya?

You're right, your popo is sure a superwoman... Mama also can be considered a superwoman, as she is also able to do popo's job!

Luckily popo is alright :-)

MeRy said...

Such a busy day !!