Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Funny morning!

Normal morning time,,,,,,,

After wakey wakey, I will have mama nen nen (pls do not surprise, I still prefer mama nen nen!! :-))
Sometime, I will play a game after nen nen time!

I use my little hand and cover mama nen nen and ask mama
Me : Mama, where's the nen nen? Is mising!!
Mama : Where is it?
Me : I dont know!
Mama : Then Kyle no more nen nen, how?
Me : Taa Daa,,,,here you are!! (pointing to the nen nen!!)
Mama : LOL

Brush teeth time,,,before that,,,
Mama : Kyle, please change your pyjamas n take out your diaper, can you do that?
Me : Sure!
I then start my 'show' time slowly,,,,,,,
I will place the pyjamas inside the laundry pail and throw the diaper into the dustbin!!

Mama : Kyle, come n brush teeth! Do yo want to do it yourself or mama do it (squeeze the toothpaste on to the toothbrush)
Me : Myself!
(Then I will squeeze long long toothpaste till mama scold me!! hehe!!)

Pong Pong time,,,,
Mama : Kyle, bring your toys
I will then bring all my pong pong toys n 'pour' into my little bathtub
Me : So many toys, how to pong pong? (and show both hand to mama n pretend dont know how!! hehe!)
Mama : I will take out some toys
Me : Can Pong Pong already!!
Me : Mama, bubble bubble (want mama to make bubble for me!)
Mama : Pong Pong 1st, bubble later
Me : I dont want, bubble first!!
Mama : OK!! ( with surrender face!! :-)

After pong pong, mama help me to put on t-shirt, but not the pants
Me : Mama, myself
Mama : What?
Me : pants, myself
Mama : ok, slowly ya
I will slowly put on the pants by myself without mama help!! Sometime mama will help me pull up the pants from the back if the pants too tight, or else I normally can do it myself!!

,,,,,,to be continue,,,,,,,,,


little prince's mummy said...

So clever :)

MeRy said...

Clever boy..thumbs up !!

BoeyJoey said...

Wow, little Kyle is so independant! :-D

Serene said...

cheeky boy.. wow, he can pull up his own pants? Clever!!

Mummy Gwen said... fun to read both of yours conversation. Kyle is a clever boy. :)

LittleLamb said...

wah..very good. can remove own pjs. philip still cannot.. cannot even put on own shoe..

btw, can start to shower kyle instead of using bath tub dy..big boy already. can start liao ma...

the little prince said...

Kylie, Mery, boeyjoey mummy, Serene mummy - he just too cheeky!! :-)

Mummy Gwen, he talk a lot, sometime purposely make you laugh!! Cheeky boy!!

Rachel, I did try the shower, but he doesnt like it,,,may be later!! :-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Haha...I like the first funny story. Kyle is so cheeky and he is very lucky that can have so much nutrition from mommy's milk.

I need to control the strength that Sarah used to squeeze the toothpaste, or else she will squeeze a lot of it.