Wednesday, September 24, 2008

9 Months Old!

9 Months Old 19 Sept 2008 (Backdated Post)

(Why mummy put this funny thing on my head..papa say very hip hop.but feel a bit funny, anyone can help me to take out this funny thing....)

Today my mummy smiles at me and wishes me ‘HAPPY 9 MONTHS OLD’!!

Mummy was a bit long winded and says lots of thing…..

i. You start to crawl in 8 months, now quite good at it except when u do ‘reverse’ to sit, a bit goyang-goyang, everybody are so worried that you might fall! Actually, you are ‘combat-crawling’ and refuse to use your knee to crawl, mummy have seen you use your knee but only 2 steps then you will be lying down and continue to do ‘combat’!!

Mummy, it is not easy to crawl, I have to use lots of energy to move and I am trying my best to do sit properly, please give me some times!

ii. Grab stuff that you like. You can do it great with left hand and right hand. Papa a bit worried that you are left handed as you prefer to use left hand to grab stuff. Mummy will try to train you to use right hand as much as possible.

Well, I am trying to improve my skill of moving my hand and the finger, need some exercise!! Oh mummy, you for got to say, I can clap hands whenever you ask me to, sometimes I just do it on my own without you asking, am I clever boy?…..  Ah Kong & Ah Mah teach me play 点虫虫 (using little finger n point into the palm), I can do it just right too!!

iii. Teeth :
1st & 2nd (lower central incisor) – one week just before you turn 4 months
3rd & 4th (upper central incisor) – 6 months
5th & 6th (upper lateral incisor) – 7 months
Your teeth are strong and you always like to bite stuff, all Wen Wen jie jie masak-masak toys are full with your saliva. Besides, you like to bite EVERYTHING that you grab as you are trying to figure out ‘WHAT’ is that!
Pai seh, pai she…Wen Wen Jie Jie, it is so fun to bite the stuff coz my teeth so itchy la….

iv. Recognize family member :
You can recognize 阿公, 阿嬤,阿姑,叔叔,雯雯姐姐,
Back to Malacca, you also good boy can recognize 外公,外婆,阿姨,姨丈,小阿姨,舅舅。。。

Mummy, I am a bit confuse, sometime call kong kong sometime ah kong…can we standardize the name … hehe

v. Bathing :
Your favorite pong pong time. You are now expert in ‘turning round n round’ in your small little ‘bath tub’

Mummy, remember to change my pong pong toys everyday. Feel a bit boring if playing the same toys…..

vi. Sleeping
There is a little bit different in your sleeping pattern this few weeks, if you wake up around 9am, you will have 2 times nap for the day, if a bit early then back to your normal schedule, 3 times nap.

I am now good boy, each time nap 2 hours…..Mummy complain to popo that before going to bed at night, I keep playing so many times rollover till tired then only fall into sleep…hehe

vii. Milk Milk
most difficult area that gives mummy headache is that you still like mummy neh-neh….
BPA-free bottle with new teats – ONE WEEK ONLY - NO
Sippy Cup – test only ONCE..…NO

SPOON FEED – YES YES YES BUT IT IS THE MOST DIFFICULT FOR PAPA N MUMMY!! You like to play during times, you like to grap the spoon from papa/mummy till the milk SPILL ALL OVER BED. (We place you sit on the bed, but you always turnaround here n there…)

Opps..sorry mummy n papa, please be patient with me yeah…hehe…
Mummy neh neh still the best!! 
Anyway, I have improved from taking 3oz to 5oz for night feeding, papa said I am clever boy!!

viii. Food
Not much different from previous months, still take lots of pumpkin…
Anyway, mummy try new fish – red snapper and cook dried scallop porridge for you. YOU SUPER LOVE IT!!

YUMMY YUMMY !! Mummy, can I try more new food……

Mummy, you forgot to mention my potty train..I am very good and discipline. Every morning, after wakey wakey, mummy will place me on my favorite potty and …. Papa always said I am clever boy!!

Auntie Teng Nee said I am well trained coz I will not simply take stuff from stranger. I will normally survey very long time before I take it or sometime not interested to take if I do not like it. Cool yeah….

Wahhhh…mummy really long winded…...


Wonderful Life said...

Happy 9 months old little prince!

Great achievements! My Ryan wouldn't want to lie down to test on the sippy cup loh!

By the way, little prince accepted feeding bottle for the night feeding of 5oz milk??

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Dont worry about Kyle that he hasnt use his knee to crawl, coz last time sarah also used her belly to crawl at first, sooner she started to know use her knees. I think Kyle will be the same.
- Woww..he can recognise so many ppl ya? Good job leh. Sarah only knows her daddy.

the little prince said...

Mummy Ryan,Kyle only tried once, no more after that...sometimes use sippy cup to drink water, he is still ok, but not the milk! The night feeding, ALL WITH SPOON FEED!! :-P

Mummy Sarah, my hubby and in-laws a bit 'sam tong' seeing BB belly crawling, cos will red red after crawling. He start to use little by little. I remember u did buy the knee cover for sarah, where did u get that?
-yeah, Kyle kind of good at recognise ppl, may be bcos we teach him quite frequently.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yugene - Normally when Kyle doing his belly crawl, is his shirt being tuck inside his pant? Coz it will prevent some redness cause while crawling.
Yes, I did bought a knee protector for Sarah from a shop near by my house. Perhaps, you can order from online.
this is one of the website I found knee protector. It is different with what I have bought, but I think is served the same purpose.