Friday, September 26, 2008

My Little Friend - Ah Ming

Yes..what do you want us to do...looking at the camera or posting? decision yet...aiyo.....
Let the adult decide, they always take time to decide, dont't bother them...
Hi I am Ah Ming
Hi I am Kyle

Last week, 叔叔 bring back a special friend back home to play with me.
He is so nice, two months older than me.
His neck got wear one funny thing (mummy said is BIB), how come I do not have it on me?
He is so happy, playing my Wen Wen jie jie toys and crawling around the house.
His mummy said he is very happy.
I am happy too!

1 comment:

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ah Ming is so handsome. He looked like Mat Salleh bb.
So now Kyle did not wear bib? Is good that he doesnt drooling. Sarah will drooling when she suck on her pacifier. So bib is a must for her.