Monday, September 29, 2008

First Trial Swimming Session - Cheng Heights Condo Swimming Pool

Yesterday, mummy said want to show me how little dino will swim in the water.  Ah Yi & Yi Chang then brought me to Yi Po Cheng Heights Condo, this little house. many friends are playing water here.  But mummy said I am not allow in the adult pool yet, only in that little swimming pool....Oooooo

This is the man who brought mummy & me to swimming pool, my handsome Yi Chang.  Mummy said he look  like the hong kong actor/director - 冯德伦, I dont know who is that, anyone know, must be handsome like Yi Chang hor!  Well, Yi Chang sayang me very much...always play with me!! 

Ok, shall we start mummy!!
First, mummy said it is about the same like playing water in the bath tab, let me try....Hmmm
Errrr...mummy how come I can stand inside the water, I am feeling so funny!  This is much much bigger than my bath tab la......
yi chang, why you take my ducky n car-car huh, you also want to play huh!
Ah Yi, I am waiting, have you taken my photo? fun kicking water!! Mummy, please hold me tight huh!!

Now the time to put on dino....Errr, the head blocking my view mum!  Help!
okok...mummy, slowly!  Yeahhh, now I understand how my dino is swimming, quite fun ya!
yeahhh, finally turn the dino head aside!!  A bit difficult to play with the BIG dino head in front of me, bloking me & cannot get to play the water freely!
Hehe, so nice playing water with dino.......

We spend about 10 minutes there while Yi Chang swim at the adult pool.
A few points to mention here :
- Papa not with me this 1st swimming session, hehe...papa, you owe me this time ya!
- Due to my papa absence...
- My mummy so kan cheong for my 1st trial swimming session, and she so blur! Why?
- 1st, she did not wear swimming suit, me too!!
- 2nd, is ok she wear normal t-shirt n pant but she forgot to bring extra clothes to change!! 
(BUT SHE CAN REMEMBER TO BRING ALL MY STUFF!), at least she brought her own towel.
- This is 1st time my 'sui sui' Ah Yi use papa camera to help snap photo while mummy carry me.  Not bad huh!  Thank you Ah Yi.  (Next time must introduce Ah Yi & Little Ah Yi!!)
- This is 1st time mummy appear in my blog!!  YEahhh, but she so pai seh to look at the camera!
- She said not nice to be appear just like that.  okok will have a better introduction next time!

Well, cant wait for my official swimming session with my swimming suit!!  Papa, next time must log in your location plan for my swimming session hor!!


LittleLamb said... young and you start your son on swimming lessons? heheheh hope he can become swimmer n swim in competitions later on..

First time drop by. Nice to know you and your son.


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So nice outing!
I think all mommies are like that. Each time outing only remember to bring bb stuff, but never remember to bring our own stuff.

yewmiin said...

呜呜 T_T

the little prince said...

Hi littlelamb!!Welcome to Baby Kyle Blog!!

It is quite fun to see Baby Kyle enjoy the play water session!!