Sunday, September 28, 2008

My New Clothing! cute!! Mummy 1st time bought online from MP Club friends - 
Auntie Yuki & Auntie Dinah
I just wake up blur blur, mummy so kan cheong let me try on the stitch cartoon...wahhh, the cartoon looks really big huh...

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ok ok, give me something to play then I will do posting...hehehe
...end up, mummy give up cos I am totally not co-operative, cos I want to play camera.....want to see more cute posting la...hehe


Julie said...

I like the Mickey. How to join the MP club?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Nice! He looked so tall in the pic.

the little prince said...

Julie, it is the mamypoko club.

The clothes it online store of a member, yuki @
You need to have a multiply and add her in before you can see the picture.

Joanne - Kyle is a bit tall. Last month during the visit to paed, we measure, he is about 82cm!! Not sure whether correct or not. He is already 56cm when new born!

nicole said...

wa... very nice cloths.... may check the website to see