Monday, March 9, 2009

13 & 14 Months Update

13 & 14 Months Update (Backdated Post)

13 Month….

Busy Busy Busy month……

First, I got two birthday celebration….not only that I also busy attending wedding dinner, birthday party……

Mama then start busy thinking of my Chinese New Year stuff…

Oh yeah….my first Genting trip…first time vacation..although it’s short trip but quite nice. Looking forward to have longer vacation…papa can issue more permit for vacation ka? :-p


My First Step : I did it at a casual visit to Uncle Scanner house…on X’mas day itself!! Mama n papa are very surprise with my ‘move’.

I started to try again during the ‘holiday’ at popo house…..try again n again….about two weeks from X’mas day, I can walk by my self without support!!

It is only a few steps ( 5 – 6 steps) but it is very exciting at least I can move around!!

Trying too many food during this two months, will do another update on this later...:-)

14 months

Busy month too......till my mummy blur blur on my update!! :-)

I can walk 'quite good' during Chinese New excited, do not need to hold mummy or papa hands when I walk around (except for those area that show - danger eg : steps :-p)

I also pick up new skill - climb table, chair, stool, bed etc..this new skill make mummy headache cos sometimes my climbing 'goyang goyang', mummy gotto pay 100% attention to me! :-)

Can call 'MAMA' and 'PAPA' loud n clear
'AH KONG' ' AH MAH' 'POPO' 'KONG KONG' - very clear
(will have details update later on this topic)

Height : 82cm
(papa very surprise on this measurement cos we forgot to take it during 13 months! I grow so much!! :-))

Weight : 12.5kg (taken during the last visit to paed for pnemococoal jap)

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Kristie said...

wow kyle has grown so much! would love to read more abt his growth updates :)