Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am Back!

Hi - Hello

Finally after 2 - 3 weeks no internet mummy nearly get crazy!! hehe!!

Wahh...I have been updating my blog since wonder my mummy keep nagging to papa......

I am back to Melaka for 2 weeks and the modem at home 'ROSAK'!!! My mummy pengsan!! Actually according to the telekom toll free service line (mummy waited for more than 10 mins then only got people answer the phone) the modem need to be one bring the modem to TM point to service cos no confidence to end up do nothing....till back to Klang....also same thing no line (papa waited for 10 - 15 mins no one answer at all, try few times, no one answering....)

No solutions at the moment cos sometime the telekom line in good mood then everyone happy if not in good mood - no line....'sigh'.....AND no WIMAX....'sigh'

Anyway, VERY HAPPY cos can finally on line....Opppps.....forgot to greet everyone..



MeRy said...

Welcome back...Auntie Mery & Ryan are doin fine.

MommyAngel said...

Oh .... No wonder you are missing in action for so long, still wondering where you were lagi!! But I am glad that you are back and we are good, still in 1 piece :)