Monday, March 9, 2009

My first 12 months summary...

First Month (19 Dec – 19 Jan 2008)

Taa Daa…I just arrived and reporting to this wonderful world!

Creation of my blog – The Little Prince Diary!!


New Year 2008!!

My Full Moon!

***Height : 56cm Weight : 4.25kg***

Second Month (19 Jan – 19 Feb)

27 Jan - Ah Yi & Yi Chang Wedding in Melaka – I am 40 days!

Chinese New Year – the year of Rat

Third Month ( 19 Feb – 19 Mar)

Start familiar to stay at Klang home……

First Tooth came out!!

Fourth Month ( 19 Mar – 19 Apr)

1 Apr - First time celebrating mummy’s birthday!

(Actually no celebration, papa was in Johor-Singapore!)

Great-grandmother pass away…..

First Time Roll-over

Start to bit stuff ‘aggresively’ like book, toys…..

2nd, 3rd & 4th teeth same out

Fifth Month (19 Apr – 19 May)

Started to try solid food

- 2 to 3 times a week mash potatoes/sweet potatoes

- Try HEINZ Rusk n baby food

Popo put me in the walker without wheel (with bolster!)

Trying to sit ‘properly’

Sixth Month (19 May – 19 June)

Sit without support

Officially start solid food

- mash pumpkin

- vegetable : broccoli, spinach

Seventh Month (19 June – 19 Jul)


(Papa even bought a new BPA free bottle for me…but I think I prefer mama nen-nen!)

Start ‘belly’ crawling

Papa bought new potty….start potty training!

Eight Month (19 Jul – 19 Aug)

Crawling steadily!

5th tooth coming out

Start porridge…yummy yummy!

Nine Month (19 Aug – 19 Sept)

23 Aug - Little Ah Yi Convocation!

First time to studio photo shooting!

6th tooth coming out!

Tenth Month (19 Sept – 19 Oct)

First time fall sick

7th & 8th tooth coming out ->TOTAL Teeth : 8

Eleven Month (19 Oct – 19 Nov)

Fall sick again – see doctor two times….second time more serious…viral rashes!!

Twelve Month (19 Nov – 19 Dec)

20 Nov - First time celebrating papa’s birthday!

(Actually no celebration, at least this time papa managed to take leave and spend time with me!!)

My 9th, 10th teeth is about to come out!!

First time to Genting! (First Vacation!)

Celebrate my traditional birthday!

Standing with support!

***Height : 78cm Weight : 11.1kg***

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