Saturday, March 14, 2009

Go Go Go!!!

This time, I make every family member laugh!!!

Whenever who drive me out 'kai kai' and stop at the traffic light.....

Mama will say : 红灯, 要怎样?
(Papa will say : red light, how?
I will say : or ss..TOP!

then when it turn green light...
Mama will say : 青灯, 要怎样?
(papa will say : green light...
I will say : GO!


when I saw green light (with left/right arrow) and red light, I said : GO - >papa still waiting and not moving at all....???

when I saw red light on the other side, I say STOP, papa still driving.......???

Sometimes, the adults a bit funny, can't they make thing simple?.... :-p


Esmeralda said...

Wah... such a clever boy can recognise colours and what each colour means ya! Great job Kyle... and great job mummy & daddy for teaching Kyle this!

MommyAngel said...

He sure can recognise colour so well now! :) So I guess his favourite colour now will be those 3 on the traffic lights :)

Rachel said...

He is so clever...can tell the difference between red for stop and green for go :)

Kristie said...

such a clever boy!

Wonderful Life said...

I've been teaching my boy this also. A little confused sometimes when seeing the red & green light at the same time :)